Scheduling courses in MATLAB.

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First up, a little background about me: I studied computer science at NYU for three years, then I transferred to Stevens to pursue mechanical engineering for another two. It’s all part of a dual-degree program between both schools that essentially allowed NYU to appeal to engineers while having no engineering department or school whatsoever (at least back when I entered). Suffice it to say Stevens filled the gear-shaped hole in NYU’s heart, until NYU went and bought a little place in Brooklyn *cough*NYUPoly*. Either way, I enjoyed the benefits of both schools, both the breadth of a city university and the closeness of a college campus in Hoboken. If for nothing else, it was often an interesting contrast.

Scheduling is hard.

At NYU, class sections tended to follow patterns in their scheduling. They would meet either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, for the same 75 minute time period each day. Recitations and labs could meet later in the day, or on Friday, and there were plenty of choices for all. My transfer to Stevens was what taught me that I had been taking this sanity for granted; schedule chaos reigned supreme across the Hudson river in Hoboken, and for reasons still unclear…