Scheduling courses in MATLAB.

First up, a little background about me: I studied computer science at NYU for three years, then I transferred to Stevens to pursue mechanical engineering for another two. It's all part of a dual-degree program between both schools that essentially allowed NYU to appeal to engineers while having no engineering department or school whatsoever (at least … Continue reading Scheduling courses in MATLAB.

It’s in the Data: TRANSient Beta.

My text editor doesn't spoil many secrets, its title bar simply glows "stop_times.txt - nycsubway". Below that, lines of gibberish seem to cascade downward endlessly, patterns coyly exposing themselves in streaks of data as I scroll down violently. In one file hides every single stop, made by every single train, running along every single route … Continue reading It’s in the Data: TRANSient Beta.