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  • Recipe: Apple Fritters

    Here’s something completely different! These apple “fritters” can end up coming out closer to apple-packed pancakes, but either way, they’re an awesome, autumn brunch treat. Ingredients Steps

  • Found at Goodwill: WebPad 1001 Prototype

    I found this strange looking device at Goodwill yesterday. Originally, owing perhaps to the bright blue color, I thought it was some sort of educational or kids device. It had no branding on it, so overall, something of a mystery. At first, it didn’t even have the button membranes installed, just exposed raw button switches, […]

  • My Doorbell Runs Swift – iOSDevCampDC 2017

    I just gave a talk at iOSDevCampDC 2017 about building an Internet of Things bridge in Swift on a Raspberry Pi.  Here’s the deck on SpeakerDeck, and I also exported the slides with my notes into a PDF: Slides on SpeakerDeck Download Slides with Notes (PDF) Also, here’s my demo video: My Doorbell Runs Swift […]

  • Setting up a Raspberry Pi for Swifty IoT

    I recently gave a talk on implementing an Internet of Things bridge in Swift using a Raspberry Pi. If you’re interested in following in my footsteps, here’s a quick abridged guide on how to set up your Pi. Many smart people have done the heavy lifting here, I’ve just put the building blocks together. Where […]


    Aesthetic Design Algorithm for Public Transit Information Diagrams, ADAPTiD for short.  As of yet, it’s just a dinky line simplifier that has been fed data from NYC’s PATH rail system, which connects Manhattan with points west across the Hudson.  Yes, giving such a project an acronym already is perhaps akin to publishing my work on […]